Thursday, July 21, 2011

Custom Stamps

One of my favorite aspects of being a stamp carver is when someone contacts me to create a custom stamp. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what they'd like, other times they have an idea of what they'd like and then I work up several sketches to choose from.

This stamp was probably one of the most challenging ones I've had to carve. It was an extra large logo stamp that came out even better than I had hoped for! My customer blogged about her purchases on her super fun and crafty blog - after you've read this post, but sure to check out her other posts for lots of crafting ideas and projects!

All of my stamps begin as a sketch that will be transferred to the rubber to carve.
This one was on par with the Lime Riot stamp as far as difficulty. Sometimes I feel like I'm holding my breath until the last bit is carved away. One wrong move, and all of your work is for naught, so patience and concentration is key! This design came from my customers wedding invites - the large stamp will be used on her envelopes and other wedding related items.

For this customer, they found my calla lily stamp but wanted it to arch to the side with leaves. She approved one of the sketches I made up for her and that's how these two (one big, one small) stamps came to be.

This was for a friend from my hometown. Wings are her favorite symbol, having wing tattoos and being engaged (now married) to a rock and rollin' musician. I actually carved two of these, facing both directions, and they used one on the table cards for women and the other on table cards for the men. They also had a huge projection on the wall of the reception hall of the wing - which was very cool to see! I can thank facebook for that sneak peak into their big day. :)

This was for a lovely fellow Etsian who wanted a unique way to package her beautiful jewelry. This stamp is to be used on the gift boxes she packages her wares in. You can find her shop at

If you are interested in commissioning a custom stamp from me, please feel free to contact me on Etsy in my shop or email me directly at

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