Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Favorites - SeasonsGleanings

"Farm fresh card designs" is SeasonsGleanings tagline, and their garden inspired greeting cards are just too cute and clever to keep to myself! I love this shop for a variety of reasons. The first is obvious - I have a love for all things gardening and the beauty of the harvest. The second is because I've always loved playing with natural materials and making patterns. Be it at the beach with shells and different colored sand, to quiet woodland moments arranging leaves, acorns and twigs in various patterns. The desire to arrange natural forms really resonates with me. I also appreciate this seller's efforts to be green, not only with their thumb ;) but with their packaging and processing. Be sure to check out their shop and buy a card or two for the green thumb in your life!

In their own words: "While growing up, my mother never had to coax me to clean my plate. Never a picky eater, I was BORN loving food! I'm particularly fond of all types of fresh produce, whether growing it, preparing it, sharing it, eating it or photographing it; I am unabashedly obsessed with garden and farm grown food! I've grown much of our own food for over 30 years, and worked on several organic farms in Whatcom County in Northwest Washington state for the past 15.

A slight detour from farming during those years led me to start a local gleaning effort, which turned into Small Potatoes Gleaning Project, which I ran for about 8 years, after which it became a program of the Bellingham Food Bank. This combination of experiences inspired me to create unique card designs using fruits and veggies to spell out messages for all occasions.
Season’s Gleanings cards are inspired by the vibrant diversity of crops that grow in Whatcom county in northwest Washington state.

Designs are created using fruits, vegetables, and other gathered plants from forest edge to river’s bank, then photographed to make cards that bring delight to young and old, for any occasion, all year round! I use the greenest materials I can find, including 100% green energy in our home office where my cards are made, and strive to use as many local services as possible in the production of my cards. The messages of Season’s Gleanings cards are enduring, and made with joy and a deep reverence for the planet that sustains us, along with the hope that cards will be kept or shared for years of continued enjoyment. Season’s Gleanings is committed to food justice and donates a percentage of profits to local projects working to strengthen our food system so that all may be nourished."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nate Luke's 2011 Seed Promo

I am in love with this amazing seed promotional package put together by the fabulous photographer, Nate Luke. You'll see he used my string beans stamp and, in the video, you'll see my carrot stamp was used on a muslin bag. I always love seeing how people use my stamps and this was a wonderful discovery! He was also featured on No Plastic Sleeves.

Seed Promo 2011 from Nate Luke on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New stamp designs

Lots of things growing in the garden for spring! Click on any of the images to be directed to purchasing information in my Etsy shop.

My new favorite tool!

At night, without the aid of natural light it can be an eye strain to work on carving stamps. I can't believe it took me so long to realize the answer was right there on our bookshelf - a book light! I just thought I'd share this tip in case anyone reading is also a stamp carver. Cheers!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flower Garden stamp set

This new set of five flower stamps is all you need to get you garden growing! Sets of 3 are also available for purchase. Buy them today for yourself or as a great gift at Green Garden Stamps.

Click on the links below to see purchasing details:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Green Garden Stamps - 1 Year Anniversary and Lessons Learned

Large folk art flower

2010 was a wonderful start for Green Garden Stamps. I opened shop in February with a vision in mind, changed course several times, learned tons of lessons, and by the holiday season I felt like GGS advanced from it's shifting sea legs to an established and growing business.

If you've read previous posts, you know that I really wanted to make one of a kind stamps. It was part of my original vision and intention for the shop. Sometimes, though, what you think you want isn't what will actually work best, and this was one of those times. Now that I have switched over to made to order stamps, I am thrilled! It's made things easier for me as a seller because I only have to photograph stamps once and I can just re-list sold items. In turn, that frees up time to focus on carving new designs. The artist in me wanted OOAK, but in reality, that only works with higher end items. For a low-mid price range the sage advice of seasoned Etsy sellers is to make/list items you can make over and over again. I'm so glad I took this advice as it has taken my business from a place of working harder than necessary for inconsistent results, to simplifying my process and gaining in sales and exposure.

Large iris stamp

I must admit, there was a bit of stubbornness involved in why it took me so long to recognize the obvious and follow suit. "I want to be different!". Well, yes, different is good. But I already am different just in the way I carve and the sorts of images I design. I wonder if my stubbornness would have lasted longer if I hadn't made this stamp.

I made this stamp before I opened up the GGS shop. Since I was at the time focused on OOAK stamps, this one was too "used" to sell so I made some gift tags with it. In my mind, the tags would become the repeatable product. After the second, third, forth custom order came in for the stamp itself, I finally succumbed to creating my first made to order listing. Now it's my most popular stamp to date!

Large tulip stamp

I guess the great lesson learned, the same one learned in all of life, is to roll with it. You've got a great idea, you put it into action, and only then will you be able to know what works for it and what works against it.

I PROMISE dear readers that I will be more consistent in my posting from now on announcing new designs and other fun things. Cheers to spring right around the corner and green things growing again!

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